segunda-feira, 7 de dezembro de 2009

Tempestade de Neve

Fiquei impressionada com as notícias sobre a tempestade de neve em Calgary. Eu sou louca pra ver neve, mas não tanto

Saiba mais sobre a tempestade direto de Calgary no Blog Fortaleza Couple: Tempestade Artica.

Vejam a notícia abaixo e o vídeo.

Calgary digs out in deep freeze

Crews are working on clearing snow from the worst-hit secondary roads in the city, as Calgarians slug through a deep freeze. Temperatures plunged to –27 C by 8 a.m. on Monday with a wind chill making it feel like – 31.

Calgary Transit is asking people to be patient as some buses are still having trouble getting through some areas. "Particularly it seems in the northeast, those communities seem to be the hardest hit with snow and in Saddle Ridge, Taradale, Martindale, those are the ones where we've had some difficulty manoeuvring," said Calgary Transit spokesman Ron Collins.

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